1. How far is Verde Safari from El Nido Town?

Approximately 40 minutes by 4wheel vehicle and a little more by motorbike. About 1 hr and 30 minutes by Motorized banka. Distance is 28 kilometers, about 16 of which is now cemented and half way is still in the works and is rough road, passable 2 way by 4×4’s, van and motorcycles.

2. Where is the pick up point and what time? How much does it cost for transfer?

Private Shuttle Vans can be rented all the way from Puerto Princesa Airport or Resort to El Nido,Verde Safari. Travel Time is approx. 5-6 hours. Rate : P 8,500 one way for up to 10 Pax.

Private Shuttle Van from El Nido town to Verde Safari is P 3,000.00 one way up to 10 Pax.

3. Can tricycles make it to Verde Safari? Is there a bus to Verde Safari? Tricycles will have a difficult time going over the hills near dagmay, it is not recommended, especially because it’s dirt road.There is a Public bus Transport that leaves El Nido Town at 10AM by the Market Terminal, fare is P50.00 and arrives at Bucana around lunch time, it takes them long because they fill up the bus with top load (yes even with people riding on top of cargoes). Then you can be fetched by a motorbike from there for P150.00 per person, just arrange it with us so bike can be there for you. Or you can take a small boat from there for P 250-500.00 depending on the size and they can take you right to our beach, a 15 minutes boat ride.

3. What is our Electric power situation compared to town?

El Nido Town power is from 2PM to 6AM and they seem to be known for being inconsistent about that and there are evenings when there is no power at all. At Verde Safari we provide 24 hours power using Solar that power fans, and lights. We have a generator that powers our Refrigerator to keep food and beverages fresh and cold. We do however encourage to conserve power when you are away and shut it off when you are out for the day on a boat tour.

We have no power to run Air-conditioning in rooms. Our area has been breezy and fan has been sufficient for us so far.

4. How is the water supply in El Nido?

We have a deepwell with pump and a number of Storage tanks for water supply. The have invested in a Purified Water System composed of large 21 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration supplying Purified and Alkaline water and this goes out straight out of the Tap, the showers even flush. You are rest assured that you are bathing and drinking clean potable water right out of our sinks. Food is cooked using Purified water too so you are assured of very clean food.

5. Are you allowed to cook at Verde Safari?

Yes, when you are renting the beach house, you are expected to do your own cooking and you are provided the facility for your exclusive use.

For other questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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