Small boat to Neighbor Beaches

There are a number of beaches around Verde Safari Beach. A small motorized boat can be rented from the locals for P800 for a day of going to other secluded beaches and islands with snorkeling spots, you can be accompanied by a boat man and an extra helper included in that price. Just bring some snacks or order a lunch to go.

There is Diapila beach(15 minutes from Verde Safari) a lot of local fishermen and boat builders are from here.

A small motorized boat, up to 4 people and space for a small cooler and some food
Diapila is a fishing village with really clear waters and white sandy beach
That’s a local fisherman trying to make a catch for the day to feed his family and maybe sell some.
Diapila Beach
Diapila, one of the stops for explorer’s on a 5 days expedition from El Nido to Coron

Daracoton (45 minutes)and Brothers Island (50 minutes) farther to the North, across us is Beto Island(20 minutes).

Just Left Verde Safari Beach – going to neighboring beaches

You can also reach Duli or Mariposa by going over the Lava rocks on a low tide just by walking. We have done this walk many times and it’s so therapeutic walking in a beautiful beach, hearing the waves, seeing crabs and crablets walking some around and breathing fresh air.

Verde Safari, Mariposa and Duli Beach

Walking Verde Safari to the end of duli beach is about an hour one way.

Further after Diapila are some lava rock scenic views, and Brothers Island, Daracoton and some others we don’t know the name of.

Brother Island – 45 minutes from V.S
Trying to be friendly with a money at Brother Island

There are Snorkeling spots  around the rocky areas and along the way that locals know have good corals, make sure you bring a gear!

An explored cave less than an hour away

There are interesting places to see and visit within the Verde Safari Beach. Let us know if you want to hire a small boat so we can arrange one for you with the locals.

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