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Verde Safari endeavor to reach out to Sitio Dagmay’s Community specially the young population. When we arrived in 2010, the first question we asked the Councilwoman Abina was “What is the common health problem here? is it malaria?”, Her reply, “Malnutrition! there has been no more malaria cases here for many years.” Upon hearing that, our heart sank because we have been blessed to enjoy great meals and balanced nutrition, and we are looking for a place where we can be of some help in the little way we could. We are not rich, but we have time and energy to share so people around us who are less fortunate can be helped. We purposely wanted to go where God wants us to have a mission. And we can’t fulfill the mission just by ourselves, we need resources and people like maybe you.

How? By helping them grow a garden & provide jobs to some locals so they can buy better food or support a child’s education and maybe feeding. It is surprising that people living in the provinces can actually have malnutrition issues. Most are cashew and rice farmers, a few have a couple of livestock like chickens or pig, it takes a long time before they could harvest or butcher to maintain a steady nutrition. I have met children who eats even Sea Turtle meat and eggs, which are endangered species. Since December 2012, we started planting vegetables and have harvested Sitaw (stringbeans), Bell Peppers, Okra and watermelons among others. The produce are used for Verde Safari’s kitchen to serve guests so income is earned and jobs are maintained for the locals, others are given to the workers to take home to their families and the rest we can’t consume are sold to the local vegetable vendors who sells it in other villages or takes it to the town market. It’s just our first season of cropping and only using a small portion of our field to test what will grow in it. We hope to plant more vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs.

There is also an issue in the area of education, there is not enough facility for them to have a Day Care center. Verde Safari has donated some construction materials for this. There is also a need to build a library with better selection of books. Right now Dagmay Elementary School has approximately 90 students from Pre-school to Grade 6.

We welcome donations if you have access to Vitamins/medicines for the kids, School Supplies or materials to help build a day care and seeds for farming. We are looking for a sponsor to help launch a feeding program for the kids too. We are willing to do the work to come up with what is required to get a grant ideally for a 3 months to 6 months feeding done even just 2x a month or once a week. These kids needs lots of protein to grow, most kids when asked of their ages looks so much smaller than how big they should be with their biological ages.

I am a nurse and wish to promote health education among mothers and my husband want to help the men clean up the community and make it a better place for the family and for tourism to grow so jobs can be generated.

Each time you bring business to Verde Safari by coming here to eat or stay, you are bringing help to the Community of Dagmay as well.

In 2008 and 2009, my family and friends initiation a campaign that helped the typhoon stricken communities in Aklan – Pinamuk-an and Boracay’s with a Relief Operation, and 2 Medical missions where a group of doctors was brought to in with sponsorships from Private Individuals, Boracay resorts and restaurants, airlines and pharmaceutical companies.
Visit the following link to know more about what happened there.

We hope to continue the work we did in Boracay here in Dagmay, El Nido, Palawan. Your helping hand is more than welcome.

Thank you.

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