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Verde Safari is located approximately 28 kilometers North of El Nido Town proper, at Sitio Dagmay, Teneguiban. The road from town is about 14 kilometers cemented and the rest of the way to Bucana is dirt road with flat terrain while Bucana to Dagmay is a hilly and therefore require some riding skills on a dirt road, and to some it’s a pleasant adventure. Boat ride depends on the weather…during summer season its calm, and during monsoon season it can be rough.

Pasadena-Barutuan Road


1. By Land all the way to Verde Safari

A. Motobike – RENT

From Town, Take the road towards the North, Take a Left to Pasadena/Barotuan…This would be about 1 hour by motorbike.

Take a Left to Bucana,

turn right to Duli Road  and just follow the 4km scenic drive road and it will lead you to Sitio Dagmay.


Lalutaya Island by our left view

Pitstop, Ricson’s and many others rent out bikes for about P700 for a day use (Honda 125cc), and P1,000 for a 200cc motorcycle.

From Duli, it’s a 4km scenic drive to Verde Safari Beach
Duli Road to V.S Beach – credits to our guest for the photo

A video of the last hill going into Verde Safari Beach. Select the HD quality on youtube for clarity.


B. 4 Wheel Vehicles

Only 4×4 wheeler and Vans are ideal for going to Dagmay. Cars are not recommended to traverse Bucana to Sitio Dagmay road as it requires going up steep hills. Travel time is about 45 minutes. 4×4 Van can be rented for P 3,000 for drop-off or pick-up.

Lots of Greenfields along the way


2. By Land to Bucana, and a boat ride

a. Vehicle or Motorbike


From Town, Take the road towards the North, Take a Left to Barotuan

Take a Left to Bucana, till you reach the Hanging Bridge, where we can arrange a boat to pick you up.

45 minutes by bike and 15 minutes by boat.

b. Public Transport

MAA Transport travels leaves the Pamilihang Bayan Bus Terminal at 10AM…you will be in Bucana by before noon. Fare is P50.

MAA Bus leaves Bucana to town daily at 6AM.

Hire a pumpboat in Bucana or arrange it with us to pick you up at the Hanging Bridge area. P300 one way for a boat that can have 4 passengers.

If you want to take this route, we recommend you let us know ahead of time so we can arrange a boat for you to go to Verde Safari.

From Bucana, pick up on a motorbike is P 150 (with driver) one way to go to Verde Safari.

3. By Boat

One hour and 20 minutes on a straight ride form El Nido Bacuit Bay to Dagmay

Small boat is P 1,200 – for 2 pax only or large Boat P 2,500 up to 4 pax

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